The Best Twitch Hardware for Streamers!

We have been working on compiling a list of the very best Twitch hardware and peripherals for streamers! This page is a constant work in progress and we are always adding and removing hardware items. These products represent what we believe to be the general consensus among Twitch streamers for quality and cost. Ask 100 streamers what they are using and we believe you will also come up with the exact same list as us. All links below are Amazon Affiliate links, just being honest!

The best webcam for streaming on Twitch

This Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 is the without doubt the current choice of top streamers! The research has been done and the camera is the one you need do not waste your time with anything else. Don’t just believe what we say, go to Amazon and you will see that this camera is the #1 Best Seller in the webcam category, hundreds of thousands of people are happy with this webcam!

The best microphone for streaming on Twitch

If you want insanely crystal clear audio, look no further! You should buy the Audio Technica AT2020USB+ with a Pop Filter. This is the streamers go to mic, not only is this popular among Twitch streamers it is also insanely popular among YouTuber's and podcast creators. The AT2020USB+ incorporates a built-in headphone jack with a volume control so you can momnitor the sound with no delay.

The best capture card for streaming on Twitch

If you are looking to stream console games you need to forget that built in nonsense! You want to be able to capture you game play and then run it in to something like OBS. The Elgato Systems Game Capture 1080p Game Recorder is the go to hardware and once again this item is another Amazon #1 Best Seller and for good reason.

Forget streaming over Wi-Fi you need powerline adapters

If your streaming computer is not the in the same room as your internet router then you will need to buy a set of powerline adapters. Forget streaming over Wi-Fi this would be insanity. You need to send a lot of data over your network and you need to either have your streaming machine in the same room as your router or you need to buy powerline adapters. The TP-LINK TL-PA4010KIT AV500 starter kit is another Amazon #1 Best Seller.