Twitch Follow Train FAQ

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How does the FollowTrain work?

When you ride the follow train you will appear in the train on the home page. Visitors to the site will then be shown your stream and if they like your stream they can follow you!

Are the followers real?

All the viewers and follows you receive from are 100% real, we do not use any kind of view bots or automated follow system. All the follows you get are 100% real twitch users who are watching your stream when they follow!

How many followers will I get?

We don't actively encourage our viewers to follow people, we wanted to create a site that gets genuine followers! We don't think that follow for follow style sites work. We simply encourage our users to view your stream, we don't want people to follow you for personal gain because they will simply unfollow later on. We currently estimate that during a train journey you would receive between 0 and 10 real followers.

How often can I ride the train?

Currently you can join the train once every 2 hours. We hope that soon you will be able to ride the train once every hour.

When I ride the train I notice that I move up and down the train, why is that?

We only show streams of people who are online right now. This means that if people join after you they will appear nearer the front of the train. If these people go offline then you would appear back nearer the front of the train.

It says I am on the train but I don't see myself?

You may be either offline or you are simply after everyone else. It is possible that even if you are on the train there is many people in front of you - so you might not appear. Don't worry when you join the train again after 2 hours you would appear back at the front of the train! Also if people go offline you may appear back in the train!

Any other questions?

Follow us and send us a tweet on Twitter and we will get back to you! @FollowTrainTV