How to become a VIP Passenger

VIP pasengers are those streamers who help promote other streamers, everybody wins! The more people you tell about the higher up the VIP list you will be.


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How does it work?

It's so simple - you use a special linking url that tells us when you send someone our way! People are voting for you to be a VIP passenger when they click the link! Your fans can vote for you once per day! All votes last for 14 days! The higher up the list you are the more viewers you will get from us!

Get added to the VIP Carriage!

Streamers in the VIP carriage get even more followers than regular streamers! This is because site visitors are rewarded for following VIP streams!

What is the special link?

Your special link is below, use this link when you tell your fans about the FollowTrain! You can paste this link on your Steam Groups, Twitter, Facebook and your Twitch page! Infact you can put this link anywhere you like!

Enter your Twitch username in the box below!

Don't mess this bit up! Make sure you spell your username correctly!

Your special link:

A banner for your Twitch page:

Add a Nightbot command to your channel

Adding a nightbot command is easy! This will tell people in your twitch chat about our site and this get's you higher up the list! Paste the text below into your chat room, after you enter this command just type !ft in your chat room and nightbot will tell your viewers about us.

!addcom !ft Vote for me every day to be a FollowTrain VIP -